partnersCost Seg, LLC has unlimited partnering opportunities. These consist of outside sales – our outside salespeople range from real estate brokers, real property managing professionals, developers, CPAs (both independent and affiliated to various firms across the US), to financial planners. Though we have an internal sales department, we are open to expanding our reach across the continental United States through the use of independent, outside partners.

We will provide accounting, engineering, and Cost Seg, LLC marketing support, if and when you need it. If you should have any questions as to how to approach the client and tips to seal the deal, we can provide materials, as well as coaching via phone.Our fee structures vary by type of property and location, as well as the amount of properties a client can bring to the table at once (e.g. a CVS franchisee with 8 locations versus just one location). We will never approach the engaged client outside of our partnering relationship. We understand the sensitive nature of client relationships and, if we are approached by your client, we will always defer to you regarding a discussion of fees or related matters. Further policies are outlined in our Subcontractor Agreement letter which we would be happy to send to you if you are interested.

Working with us requires individuals with great initiative, as compensation truly is up to each partner. Let me know if you have any questions – partnering with us is a lucrative venture.