Welcome to Cost Seg, LLC.

Cost Seg, LLC specializes in preparing cost segregation studies.


We are committed to providing you expert advice on cost segregation, real estate taxation and valuation issues. Our extensive experience and knowledge of current legislation, regulations, revenue rulings, and court cases will provide you with a thorough and supportable analysis. The methodologies and procedures we employ rely on fully documented engineering and appraisal techniques and are based, in part, on our experience gained through direct reviews by the IRS.



What Is Cost Segregation?

Cost Segregation is the process of segregating the costs associated with the real and personal property investments in real estate. Real property is depreciated over 39 or 27.5 years versus personal property, which is depreciated over 3, 5, 7 and 15 years.


What Are The Benefits?

By properly segregating costs, investors, CPA’s, appraisers, engineers, developers and consultants can accomplish a number of goals related to real estate investments:

1.Significantly improved after tax cash flows from the project due to accelerated tax depreciation.

2. Reduced real property taxes resulting from reclassifying assets as personal property.

3. Increased state investment tax credits on manufacturing property.

4. Opportunity to claim “catch-up” depreciation on future tax returns for corrections in tax depreciation. (No extension of the statute of limitations or amended returns required)



Do I Qualify?

All properties constructed, acquired, or renovated after 1986 qualify under the IRS guidelines. It can be a new building currently under construction; existing buildings undergoing remodeling, restoration or expansion; purchases of existing property constructed anytime, but placed in service after 1986; office / facility leasehold improvements on your current facility and “fit outs”.


How Do I Get Started?

Simply go to our contact page or call, e-mail, or fax us with information about your property. Let us know the year that the property was constructed or acquired, the building cost, and the type of property.

Since we specialize in cost segregation, our turnaround is quick. We typically respond within twelve hours to your inquiry, and we can send you a proposed estimate of the net present value of the tax savings after a cost segregation study within twenty-four hours.